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With over 20 years of business experience in media, energy, commercial real estate, entertainment, retail, and hospitality industries, Jason Stryker, Founder and President of TulipMania Digital Marketing and Business Strategy, is not your typical digital marketing guy. Jason’s savvy business sense and wide range of finance experience combined with his keen tech skills and entrepreneurial spirit, is a gift to any small business or start up. Most of all, Jason holds a high degree of integrity and professionalism and his tenacity is contagious.

TulipMania Digital Marketing and Business Strategy has helped small businesses achieve success.  Whether through improving their placement in online search results, managing their social media accounts or finding new avenues to increase their revenues. We work closely with each client to create individualized strategies that produce unparalleled results. We love content and design, but thrive on the data necessary to succeed in a digital world.

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